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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is an internationally renowned historical African American Greek-lettered sorority that was founded by five women in 1920 on the campus of Howard University. This is a community-conscious, action-oriented organization, and its motto is uplifting the black community.

The symbol of this sorority is a flying dove, and their royal color is blue and white. Here we have enlisted some magnificent Zeta Phi Beta umbrellas in this article. So read this article, find the best umbrella for you, and know about some interesting facts about this famous organization.

What Is Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella?

Zeta Phi Beta umbrella is like an ordinary umbrella that saves you from heavy rainfall or dangerous UV produced from the sun. But these Zeta Phi Beta umbrellas come with ravishing design and impressive features. These umbrellas’ canopies contain the logo of this popular organization. Through these umbrellas, people can know the history and glorification of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority and also save them from the unexpected climate.

Why Is It Famous?

These Zeta Phi Beta umbrellas are very famous throughout the world. These umbrellas are popular because of their extraordinary design work, good materials, suitable size, nice color combination, and many more. Also, people feel pleased and comfortable while they go outside and take these umbrellas with them. Besides, these umbrellas provide 100% protection and secure them from torrential downpours.

19 amazing Zeta Phi Beta Umbrellas

1. Automatic Inverted Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

Sometimes customers require an umbrella with a big-sized canopy since it provides them 100% protection in unexpected climate, and they can share it with their friends or loved ones. And if you are looking for this kind of umbrella, then this zeta phi beta umbrella will certainly fulfill your demand as it has a capacious roof. This inverted umbrella is a rainy-day game changer. Nobody likes to deal with a wet umbrella, so it keeps the wet part safely in the middle. Its design offers you to unfold the umbrella easily when exiting a car and keeps you dry. It also has a smooth handle for a proper grip.

Things We Like

  • Automatic-open button feature
  • Made of 100% Pongee
  • Windproof and heatproof

2. Blue Colored Mini Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

In many countries, the weather is pretty unpredictable. So it is always good to carry around an umbrella with you. But a lot of times the umbrella is too big for your bag and starts to hold and you lose it a lot, so the solution would be found something compact that could fit in your bag easily. And for that reason, we have enlisted this blue-colored mini Zeta Phi Beta umbrella in this article. You can bear it painlessly since it is a small and lightweight umbrella. It covers a 23 inches area when it is opened. There is an automatic button on its grip handle so that you can open it quickly and easily during an emergency period.

Things We Like

  • Mini Umbrella
  • It offers a cute cover sleeve.
  • Smooth crook handle

3. Classic Phi Beta Sigma Air-Vent Umbrella

This classical Phi Beta Sigma umbrella provides a vented roof that is constructed with superior components. That’s why this umbrella can tolerate powerful wind. Moreover, it has eight durable and flexible ribs that hold its metal frame. It is designed perfectly to defend against heavy rain, strong wind, and snowfall. The canopy shows the symbol of the Phi Beta Sigma. Besides, this umbrella has a smooth-grip handle with a button that allows the umbrella to be opened effortlessly. Also, it is a travel-friendly umbrella.

Things We Like

  • Durable and sturdy frame
  • Panels are 27-inches length from top to bottom.
  • A strap secures it.

4. Windproof Phi Beta Sigma Umbrella

Are you looking for a sturdy Phi Beta Sigma umbrella that has a huge roof and 14 solid, flexible panels? Then this umbrella would go with your choice. It has a canopy with a black and blue color combination. Moreover, this umbrella is heat resistant as the black color absorbs the UV radiation and keeps you cool inside its roof. Ordinary umbrella fails in strong winds. But this one can stand against any rainy and windy conditions since it has 14 flexible ribs. Furthermore, you can open the roof by pressing its auto-button. This will ensure that your fingers won’t get bruises while opening this umbrella.

Things We Like

  • Comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Equipped with metal hoop for easy storage
  • Its canopy shows the Phi Beta Sigma logo.

5. 1914 Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Umbrella

The specialty of this umbrella is its canopy color. The designer played with the white and blue color and created an extraordinary umbrella. Anybody can be attracted easily by noticing this masterpiece. Along with a unique design, it is engineered to resist heavy downpours and strong wind. The carbon fiber material is used to construct its ribs. The manufacturer also made the handle with rubber so that your handle will feel the comfort. Also, it is a jumbo umbrella that covers a huge area. So in rainy conditions, you can share this umbrella with your friend or loved one. Both you and your companion will remain dry and safe under its roof.

Things We Like

  • It comes with a wonderful sleeve.
  • It is a perfect combination of style and technology.
  • It has a strong 9th edition shaft.

6. 1920 Inverted Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This reversible Zeta Phi Beta umbrella is constructed with superior components, and it is a wind-resistant one. It is an automatic-open umbrella. By pressing the button that is situated on the handle, the umbrella will open and will protect you from heavy rainfall, harmful sunlight, and cold snowfall. Talking about its canopy, the color of its canopy is eye soothing. Blue and white colors always comfort your eyes. Further, all tips are coated so that the people around you won’t get hurt because of the sharp edge of the tip. It is also a travel-friendly umbrella.

Things We Like

  • Easy to handle
  • Full-size 28-inch umbrella when open
  • Upside-down brolly

7. Water Resistant Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This elegantly designed Zeta Phi Beta umbrella comes with a gorgeous canopy. The canopy is also waterproof and easy to clean. Wherever you go, you can carry it easily as it is a small and lightweight umbrella. Eight durable ribs make its structure strong, and they are flexible. So, in stormy conditions, this umbrella can handle the powerful wind as well as will save your head from the rain and keep you dry. In the summer season, it will provide you shade and save you from UV radiation. There is a loop strap attached to the handle of this umbrella so that you can detain it on the hanger.

Things We Like

  • 8 vibrant shades
  • It comes with a nice-looking sleeve
  • Easy to open

8. Zeta Phi Beta Auto Folding Umbrella

This Zeta Phi Beta umbrella is an automatic one-button umbrella. Special materials are used to manufacture this umbrella. To make its ribs, the carbon fiber material is utilized. As a result, this umbrella is windproof and high wind can not damage its structure since the ribs are malleable. It also offers a delightful cover, so whenever you don’t need to use the umbrella, you can fold it and put it on the cover. And then you can carry it in your bag. In this way, the inside of your bag doesn’t get wet.

Things We Like

  • Full-size 44-inches when the canopy opens
  • 12 inches when collapsing down
  • Heavy-duty rubber handle

9. Easy Portable Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

If you look at the canopy of this umbrella, you will be delighted to see the design work. In the middle of the canopy, there is the logo of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. One side of the canopy has a ‘1920’ design, and the other side has an elegant design work that is very eye-catching. It is a portable umbrella, and you can carry it wherever you travel painlessly as it is a lightweight umbrella. Moreover, it covers a 42 inches area while it is opened. You can bear it through a purse, bag, briefcase, luggage, and more. Eight tough ribs that are made of carbon fiber can stabilize the umbrella frame properly. Its canopy clothe is windproof and has UV reluctant fabrics to resist water and dryness quickly.

Things We Like

  • It will not turn over in the strong wind.
  • Long-lasting
  • Automatic open umbrella

10. Lightweight Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

Don’t be tensed; this lightweight, small Zeta Phi Beta umbrella does not cover a large area. It can be adjusted in a small space. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as traveling, shopping, visiting the zoo, or weekend trips. It comes with a simple mechanical system. You have to just press the button, then the canopy opens instantly. When you want to collapse it, you have to press the close button, then the wet part goes in the middle, and the umbrella is closed. You can handle this umbrella quickly and easily with one hand, and it keeps you dry. It is very useful, especially when your one hand is busy. And it is a lightweight umbrella as it is made of fiberglass material.

Things We Like

  • Windproof and waterproof
  • 38.5-inches dome coverage
  • Stylish design

11. Stylish Trifold Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

Nowadays, people are becoming aware of their style and outfits. They always choose the product which goes with their personality and make them cool and fashionable. This one is also an ultra-cool Zeta Phi Beta umbrella, and there is no doubt that it will match your dress. Further, it is a lightweight umbrella so that you can bear it everywhere with less effort. It is got a strap attached to its canopy; when you fold the umbrella, you can wrap it with this strap. It is made of good quality. There is a trigger on the handle, so opens up the umbrella quickly if you are out in a storm by squeezing the trigger.

Things We Like

  • Trifold umbrella
  • Eight sturdy ribs
  • Suitable for traveling

12. Manual Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This manual Zeta Phi Beta umbrella can cover 42 inches of area around you while you release the roof. Its canopy is made of superior elements, and it has water repellent fabrics. Its shaft is made of ultra-thick hardened metal, and the canopy is reinforced and kept tight by rods that are made of aluminum. You can store it in a purse, briefcase, bag, and more comfortably. This umbrella comes with a manual wind release system, so you can open it by sliding up the runner, and you can collapse it by sliding the runner down.

Things We Like

  • Water-resistant
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Ideal as a gift

13. Trifold Taste Of Blue Umbrella

You will surely be amazed by seeing the canopy design of this Zeta Phi Beta umbrella. The design is very fascinating and delightful to watch. The fabrics used to make this canopy clothe have water-resistant material, and UV radiation can not harm your head or skin due to this material. Besides, it is a windproof umbrella as the stretcher and shaft are made of ultra-thick hardened metal. It also offers a cover. It is ideal for traveling, so you can take it with you while heading for any long journey.

Things We Like

  • Trifold Umbrella
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • 42-inches dome coverage

14. Pink Color Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This Zeta Phi Beta umbrella is suitable for women since the color of the canopy is pink, and women like the pink color. But men can also use this amazing umbrella. It is a trifold umbrella, and when you go out for work or a vacation trip, then you can carry it with you to protect yourself from sudden rain or any unpredictable weather. Furthermore, this umbrella is easy to store in a bag, purse, briefcase, and you carry it effortlessly because it is a lightweight umbrella. It also provides a smooth grip handle so that you can hold it properly.

Things We Like

  • 42-inches dome coverage
  • Sturdy metal frame and strong eight ribs
  • Manual umbrella

15. Anti-UV Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

UV radiation is produced from sunlight, and it harms your skin and can cause skin cancer. It also affects your head and causes hair to fall. We have added this anti-UV Zeta Phi Beta umbrella in this article to protect you from harmful UV radiation. Its canopy has good fabrics that are UV resistant. Its canopy also has a gorgeous design. Eight stable ribs made of carbon fiber are strong and can hold the structure against the gale. There is a strap attached to the canopy for folding the umbrella perfectly. Good quality material is used to make this magnificent umbrella.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight umbrella
  • Canopy has water repellent fabrics.
  • The smooth wind release system

16. Wind resistant Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

People always like to have an umbrella that has impressive artwork in its canopy. And there is no doubt that this umbrella will amaze the consumers with its enchanting canopy design. Along with this good design, it also features a durable sturdy metal frame made of ultra-thick hardened metal and reinforced with 8 strong ribs. That’s why you can handle the powerful breeze with this wind-resistant umbrella. You can comfortably carry this lightweight umbrella, and its canopy is big enough to give you 100% protection from sudden rain, noxious sunlight, and also from cold snowfall.

Things We Like

  • Easy to store
  • 42-inches dome coverage
  • Long-lasting

17. Manual Black Color Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

Both men and women can carry this stunning umbrella whenever they are heading out for work or a weekend trip. It is an anti-UV umbrella, and it will also keep you cool and safe in the summer season. Yet, you don’t have to struggle to open its awning because it provides a simple mechanism. By sliding runner up, you can open this umbrella. Strong wind can not overturn the structure. Because the aluminum rod reinforces the roof and keeps it tight. Its canopy clothing is made of high-quality material, and the fabrics can dry water more quickly.

Things We Like

  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • 42-inches dome coverage
  • 11 inches when it is folded

18. Black Color 20 Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This Zeta Phi Beta umbrella not only saves you from downpours or fatal UV radiation but also keeps you cool during the summer season. In the summer season, the temperature remains quite high, and the black color absorbs all the heat produced from the sun and radiates it back into the air. As a result, you will feel cool under its roof. You can also bear this lightweight umbrella painlessly when you are out to perform your daily activities. The design of the canopy is also very attractive and glamorous. It has strong water reluctance and an obvious fast dry effect.

Things We Like

  • Windproof umbrella
  • Manual Trifold umbrella
  • Easy to store

19. Super-Cool Black Color Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella

This ultra-cool umbrella will make you stylish and fashionable. It is fully an automatic Portable umbrella. You can open and close it with one hand by thrusting the button, it will save you time and effort. Talking about the frame structure, superior components are used to construct this structure. Eight tough and flexible ribs hold the structure, and high elastic springs are added to the folding part of the umbrella so that you can open it or close it without fatigue. On the other hand, the roof features a nice-looking design of a beautiful woman and the symbol of Zeta Phi Beta sorority. Besides, it is a heat-resistant umbrella and keeps you cool in hot weather.

Things We Like

  • Weighs less than1lb
  • Three folding umbrella
  • Canopy fabrics have water-repellent materials.

Why Should You Have a Zeta Phi Beta Umbrella?

Zeta Phi Beta umbrellas are unique and come with some good features. These umbrellas are designed to secure you from the rain. These umbrellas provide you full protection so that you won’t get wet and fall sick in the rainy season. These umbrellas are also capable of blocking the sunlight. As a result, you can save yourself from the harmful effects of the sun and can prevent sunburn, wrinkles, and skin aging.


Recently Zeta Phi Beta sorority has completed their 100 years of a glorious journey. Still, this organization is working to foster the ideas of service, charity, scholarship, civil and cultural efforts, sisterhood, and finer women hood. So, celebrate the Centennial of this novel organization and buy these exquisite Zeta Phi Beta umbrellas. You will get the best quality umbrella through this article since all umbrellas are enlisted here by testing their quality, materials, size, and more.