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Wedding Umbrella | 10 Best Wedding Umbrellas (Function Umbrellas)

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Though umbrellas are coming down from a lineage where the ancestral roots run back thousands of years into the past, they are not showing any signs of losing their importance or reliability even today. Instead of reducing demand, umbrellas gained a significant boost over the past century with the modern umbrella’s advent.

Because of this increasing demand, umbrellas have been adapting and expanding into more occasions in our lives. One such once-in-a-lifetime type of commemorative event in our life (that can be decorated using umbrellas) is the wedding.

Now you may ask, why do we need umbrellas at our wedding? This is precisely what we tend to answer (among other things as well) in this article, with also adding a well-sifted catalog of wedding umbrellas into the bargain.

Why You May Require An Umbrella At Your Wedding?

Since they are made with designs that reflect nostalgic eras and profound cultures, like the Victorian era and Indian culture, respectively, these wedding umbrellas are fashion icons in all respects. And who wouldn’t want to adorn this unforgettable day with more fashion? This is one reason you might consider having wedding umbrellas.

However, trendiness and novelty are not the only reasons you would want to have a wedding umbrella by your side; protection is another critical aspect. And these wedding umbrellas are excellent at safeguarding you from the rain as well.

According to an ancient Hindu tradition, it is good luck if it rains at your wedding; it is based on the simple fact that knots are harder to untie when they are wet. On that account, when you tie knots with your partner on a rainy day, it is supposedly hard to untangle. Whether you believe this or not is entirely up to you, but our incentive is to make sure that you don’t get soaked in the rain on your wedding day.
And these wedding umbrellas are just the appropriate accessories in that case.

10 Best Wedding Umbrellas

1. Wedding Umbrella With Vintage (1920) Style Parasol

A beautiful lace motif adorns this wedding umbrella that will match perfectly with your bridal dress. A wooden shaft and a handle are fitted to a metal rib system to increase its fashion further. But don’t worry; this wooden rod will undoubtedly possess the same toughness as a metal-alloy shaft. It also arrives in elegant colors like; off-white, white, etc., to provide great flexibility in the selections to suit your wedding theme.

Things We Like

Metal ribs and durable plastic handle
100% handmade wedding parasol
Suitable for wedding and all parties
Elegant and chic lace designed canopy

2. Automatic White Wedding Umbrella Set

You are in luck because you have landed on a handsome deal. You may have come across deals offering duos or even triplet (sets) of umbrellas, but here’s a collection of “ten” umbrellas. No, it’s not a typo; this does contain ten wedding umbrellas and all within a reasonable price range. As for these umbrellas’ specifications, the canopy spans over 48 inches, issuing good coverage, and the metal structure is fitted with an ergonomic wooden grip for better handling.

Things We Like

Comfortably-built wooden handle
Canopy is made for nylon and polyester
A decuple (10) set of wedding umbrellas
Smooth and easy manual open-close

3. Photogenic Lace Vintage Wedding Parasol

When it comes to a wedding umbrella or parasol, looking fashionable and trendy should be its strong point. Lace patterns maintain a higher level in both trendiness and demand, making them a viable addition to an accessory that you will use for the most memorable day of your life. A durable wooden shaft and a handle are attached to the metal rib frame to enhance the wonderful lace canopy further.

Things We Like

Canopy has an alluring lace hole pattern
Elegant and classic vibe to your wedding
A cotton canopy on a metal rib system
31.5-inch diameter when opened

4. Handmade 30-Inch Lace Wedding Umbrella

The Victorian era (between the 1830s and 1900s) is a significant cultural and technological advancement in Britain. It is also the era where the world observed a substantial boost in the fashion industry’s novel designs. This wedding umbrella bears a resemblance to the attractive gowns that women used to wear in the Victorian period. Thus, it is suitable for many different occasions like weddings, photoshoots, and even party decorations.

Things We Like

Well-built wooden shaft and handle
Available in a multitude of vivid tones
Superb for decorations and photo props
Victorian-style design on the canopy

5. Lace Floral Design Photography Prop Wedding Parasol

Not to put “shade” (bad pun?) on regular umbrellas, but their canopies typically only have a solid color, and not much creative-designing goes into making them. Over time they can get boring and quite dull, but wedding umbrellas specifically are made so that you wouldn’t lose interest in them, ever. This umbrella isn’t so different, having been made with engravings and delightful patterns. Moreover, to retain the best quality for each unit, these umbrellas are handcrafted with love just for you.

Things We Like

An example of exquisite craftsmanship
Easy-to-use and comfy plastic handle
Lightweight and long-lasting structure
Fashionable “rose” mesh net canopy

6. Retro Style Fashionable Parasol For Weddings

Among the various types of tape laces, the Battenberg lace (with an American origin) is a popular faction and has a high demand due to its stylish appearance. This wedding umbrella incorporates a floral Battenberg design to complement your dress with a touch of vintage fashion. A wooden rib-shaft structure preserves the vintage vibe throughout the umbrella. It is available in several colors to choose from as well.

Things We Like

Handmade Battenberg lace pattern
Wooden shaft with metal rib frame
More than ten colors to choose
Trouble-free manual trigger to open/close

7. White Heart Shaped Wedding Umbrella

A wedding can be referred to as the ultimate culmination of love, whereas the heart shape is the universally accepted symbol of love. So what better way to be adorned on your wedding day than with a heart-shaped umbrella? And as a bonus, this umbrella arrives in a brilliant white tone, denoting purity and elegance. So, in a nutshell, this is a low-key metaphor of love and purity in the guise of an umbrella.

Things We Like

Unique heart-shaped canopy
Sturdy rib and shat construction
Aluminum handle with foam grip
The canopy arc is 34 inches in length

8. Nature Themed Vibrant Wedding Umbrellas

Since wedding umbrellas are focused more on becoming an accessory which is “à la mode,” you might deduce that they ignore protection. But this wedding umbrella will prove to you otherwise. It has a UPF 50+ rating, which guarantees that a garment or an accessory can successfully repel 98% of the UV rays. This umbrella also has a variety of different styles to choose from, perfectly balancing looks and the task at hand.

Things We Like

Rainproof and sun-proof canopy
Double layered for fashion and protection
Boat-load of colors and patterns available
Excellent protection from UV rays

9. Indian Embroidered Vintage Flair Umbrella

Indian embroidery patterns contain a diversified group of members where each one of them truly is a work of art (in every sense of the word). Now you can get the chance to have the Indian charm in your wedding by using this umbrella. Appearance is not only where this umbrella excels at; your comfort and protection are also carefully thought out here. Accordingly, the canopy is fabricated with high-quality cotton while being fixed to a robust metal frame.

Things We Like

Traditional and classy Indian style
Impregnable and soft cotton canopy
Designed using brilliant color tones
Uniquely built rib for extra strength

10. Forever-Love Umbrella For Valentine Or Wedding

This is a great accessory to collect sweet memories with your loved one. Colors significantly impact us, where specific colors can evoke or represent our emotions and feelings. Out of those colors, the red color represents desire, passion, and love, which is precisely the motive of this umbrella. The bright red tone on this heart-shaped umbrella adds a romantic feel to your appearance. Spread the love by using this glamorous wedding umbrella.

Things We Like

Splendid accessory for traveling
Anti-slip foam grip on the handle
Appealing “heart” canopy structure
Bright red color (the color of love)

11. Lace UV Folding Umbrella With Flower Embroidery

Generally, in the umbrella family, parasols have a lace canopy, making them offer slightly less protection than a typical umbrella. But this “umbrella” comprises a beautiful lace mesh net while still having adequate (expected) protection from the rain and the sun. This is made possible by the clever double-layered structure of this canopy. A UV-resistant fabric is laid underneath an embroidery lace, mixing beauty and shelter.

Things We Like

Appealing floral design embroidery
Excellent protection from the sun
The diameter when opened is 34.65 inches
Superior built-quality and strength

12. UV Resistant Dome Ivory Lace Folding Umbrella

Wedding umbrellas come in different shapes and form factors to give extra leeway in choosing the best available product. But this umbrella takes it up to the next level. Firstly, there are two types of sizes; the 34.65-inch and the 37.80-inch. And secondly, there are more than 12 mesmerizing tones and unique patterns to choose from. Therefore, the choice is yours, should you choose to accept it.

Things We Like

UPF and SPF protection levels included
Voguish and slip-resistant handle
Strong fiber ribs for extra support
High-density water-repellent polyester

13. Set Of Multi-Color Cotton Wedding Umbrellas

This highly luxurious wedding umbrella provides you with the choice to obtain a set of either five or ten of them. Metal-alloy ribs have been attached to a super-strong central shaft to create a very sturdy frame to hold the canopy on. The canopy is ornamented with a premium-quality embroidered motif inspired by the traditional Indian styles. These will provide a perfect aesthetic sensation to your wedding day.

Things We Like

Canopy is fabricated using Cotton fabric
Classical Indian color designed umbrellas
The ferrule has protection against lightning
Sets of 5 or 10 umbrellas are accessible

How Can A Wedding Umbrella Bring The Elegance To Your Occasion?

If you glanced at the above list of wedding umbrellas we have assembled, it would be clear that these umbrellas have timeless elegance. Let us investigate how they accomplished that?

As you might have noticed, almost all these umbrellas comprise some print or embroidery pattern on their canopies. They are not just random patterns that were put together just because they look good. These designs are meticulously embellished, highlighting their respective themes (Traditional Indian, Victorian Era, etc.), thereby giving you the chance to integrate those styles into your wedding.

Along with those decorative canopies, wooden shafts and handles also improve the umbrellas’ charming and straightforward nature. All of these features will amalgamate to provide a sense of luxury and elegance to your wedding.

How Much Does A Wedding Umbrella Cost?

We assume that you have a broader understanding of wedding umbrellas by now and what makes them so demanding and worthwhile to us. Are you tempted to buy one? If so, allow us to give the final piece of information you would need to move forward with your preferred choice. That is simply the cost of these wedding umbrellas.

Considering the attention-to-detail given for these umbrellas’ styles and their robust construction-qualities, you could think that they might also charge a premium price. But that is not the case here; a wedding umbrella can cost as low as $9.59 and high as $38.90 only. Additionally, there is the opportunity to buy sets of five or even ten umbrellas that lands in the $51.99 – $70.54 range for your requirements and satisfaction.

Take It Away

Rain is a fundamental essence for life on planet Earth, but when it (almost strategically) downpours on important occasions in our life, naturally, we tend to get irritated by it. But as they say, “every cloud has a silver lining,” and raining on your wedding can bring its unique benefits, especially if you have a fine wedding umbrella to accompany you.

The rainy atmosphere has a very intimate and calming feel embedded in it; therefore, your marriage-day can benefit from it. As for the umbrella’s role, it can either protect you from drizzles or be used to improve your wedding photoshoot by adding a touch of elegance to it.

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