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Do you know Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker? They are different characters of Star Wars, and now your favorite characters are available in LED Lightsaber Umbrella as graphically themed on the canopy! In this article, you will get different designs and patterns of Lightsaber Umbrellas. It would be enjoyable for you to see different LED lights and colored umbrellas. Especially those who are diehard fans of the Star War’ series will love to pick their favorite character featured in the Umbrella. Take your side of your favorite character by buying these beautiful Lightsaber Umbrellas. So, don’t wait anymore; look at our top picks and grab your desired Umbrella.

History of Lightsaber Umbrellas

If you are caught in a rainstorm on Kamino or earth, you do not have to waste your energy on raindrops! You can be the one as your LED Lightsaber Umbrellas protects you from elements. Even Jedi Master needs to protect him from elements, and Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas is the perfect answer! The Pole of Lightsaber Umbrella is inspired by Star Wars character 800 years old Yoda. You can never be hopeless in the rain with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber!

In Star Wars, they fight with LED weapons, and in real life, we fight with rain using the Lightsaber Umbrella! At the first stage, people bought it because they were Star Wars fans, but now people also bought this Umbrella because of its usability.

What about the Durability of This Umbrella?

From the ‘ Star War’ movie, you have got an idea about power and stability! It is very important to stand in difficult situations, and reality, these Lightsaber Umbrellas will just do the same! Fun apart, it is strong enough to stand by you in heavy rain or foggy dark weather. Most of the chosen Umbrella is made with fiber, and that gives you a lightweight and handy feel. As well as fiber is very strong to take loads. Besides, the ribs, stretcher, and shafts are also well made, and it provides you a smooth open and close experience. Most of the canopy is made of oxford, polyester, or polyethylene, and all these materials are windproof and waterproof. At last, you can use this Umbrella in case of heavy wind or rainfall, and it will not damage easily.

What Are the Most Famous Colors for a Lightsaber Umbrella?

Shining seven LED shafts are the most famous color for a Lightsaber Umbrella. In most of the Umbrella, you will get these outstanding 7 color effects which will remind you of Star Wars. Though some of the umbrellas also have solid red or blue colors, and that also looks classy.

10 Amazing Lightsaber Umbrellas

1. ZHOL Led Light Flash Umbrella

If you are looking for an umbrella that is cool and also serves its purpose, then this Night Protection umbrella can be a great choice for you. The multi-color flashlight is the main attraction of this Umbrella. Besides, it has the automatic color changing feature, and you can also change the color by clicking the color by yourself. However, the canopy fabric quality is very satisfiable, and this Cool Blade Runner umbrella is very smooth to open.

  • The dimension is 31.3 x 2.2 x 1.7 inches
  • Well-constructed
  • The glowing shaft looks amazing at night
  • Powerful battery and Flash Light

2. Star Wars Laser Sword Lightsaber Umbrella

This Star Wars Umbrella is very large in size and perfect for adults. It opens and closes with spring, and all parts and fabric are very sturdy. Besides the base of the grip, there is also an LED flashlight and very useful in the dark. However, this Star Wars Disney lightsaber umbrella is Powered by AA batteries, and it can be changed very easily. The “laser sword” effect is especially visible at night. The handle part of this lightsaber umbrella is very comfortable to use, and the switch is located on top of it.

  • Very wide canopy
  • Manual LED color changing option
  • Multi-color Light effects

3. Darth Vader Lightsaber Black Umbrella

Classy black color canopy with printed Star War theme design on the side can be a great present for your loving ones. Darth Vader is a strong, Raugh and taught villain character in Star War, but many star war fans would love to get an umbrella of his graphical presence. Besides, the color-changing LED Lightsaber makes the Umbrella more attractive. However, this Lightsaber Umbrella will give you a better rainy-day experience.

  • High-Quality Ribs and Fabric
  • Strong LED Pole
  • 39-inch Canopy

4. Anakin Printed Skywalker Lightsaber Umbrella

This second-generation Black Star Wars umbrella will be very helpful to go outside at night. Besides, the black canopy with glossy LED feature looks very cool, and that will surely make you the center of attraction. However, this Lightsaber Disney Umbrella can also be an ideal gift for an Anakin Skywalker fanboy who is a powerful villain in the Star War series! So, don’t be late to surprise your friends or elder ones gifting then this Anakin umbrella.

  • Bright visible LED pole
  • Straight, comfortable handle with switch
  • Two sides printed Anakin Skywalker design

5. Color Changing LED Blade Runner Umbrella

Seven LED colors are the main attraction of this Umbrella. The lighting pole looks amazing when you carry it and turn the LED on at night. Besides, many people don’t like printed designs on umbrellas, and the clean black canopy makes this lightsaber umbrella ready for formal uses. However, both girls and boys can carry this LED Disney umbrella, and side lighting effects make this Umbrella a unique one! The round rope will also help you to hold it in a crowded place. If simplicity is your choice, then don’t think twice about choosing this Black canopy umbrella.

  • All over the black canopy
  • 7 color with auto color changing option
  • Side LED Light

6. Premium Shaft Colors Umbrella with Torch

Are you searching for a premium, stylish and strong built Umbrella? Then this Blue Umbrella is the right choice for you! This lightsaber umbrella is very lightweight, which allows you have a good travel experience. Besides, the 40-inch large canopy will help you in rain, snow, or hail! However, the shoulder strap is an extra feature that will help you carry the Umbrella very easily. If you are out of home for a long time, the Triple-A batteries of this LED Umbrella solve the charging problem for you!

  • Shoulder straps allow carrying easily
  • 3 AAA long-life batteries
  • Windproof and lightweight
  • Different seven shaft colors

7. Rain Resistance LED Light Night Flash Umbrella

This solid-colored lightsaber umbrella is made of a high-quality fiber frame and nylon canopy, making it very lightweight. The total weight of it is only 0.48 g! However, if you want to go out with your partner in the rain, then the red color and LED light will help you create a romantic atmosphere at night. Besides, this Umbrella is windproof and creatively designed, and it is available in Red, Blue, Black, Transparent colors, which give you more options to choose a perfect gift for your family members!

  • Made of iron rods and fiber
  • It has an inbuilt torch
  • Waterproof, windproof, and eco friendly
  • Triple-A button batteries

8. Light Up Multi-Color Changing LED Umbrella

If you want to go out on a rainy night or foggy weather, then the illuminated center poll will help to have a better view at night. Besides, it will also help the driver on the road to notice your existence properly. However, this Multi Color Disney lightsaber umbrella has a very wide canopy. A strong pole in the middle allows it to stay straight in the wind and save you from heavy rain.  At last, it will surely fulfill all the purpose to have a lightsaber umbrella!

  • Multi-color LED lightings
  • Torch at the bottom
  • Wide canopy
  • Strong Ribs

9. Jedi Light Up Star Wars All Over Printed Umbrella

Are you a Star Wars fanboy and love to carry all things with the Star Wars logo? Then this lightsaber umbrella is for you. It has the classic Jedi Order, Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett, Mandalorian Crest, and Star Wars icons on the canopy! Besides, the canopy is large and made of Polyester Fabric. However, there is a built-in torch on the bottom of the handle. At last, the solid glossy red and blue light make the Umbrella the most classy and stylish one!

  • Large canopy
  • LED torch handle
  • Allover Star war Graphics

10. Transparent Lightsaber Umbrella with Built-in Torch

This transparent Umbrella is made of poly pongee. If you are walking on the street alone, then don’t worry about your safety; the LED Flashlight Function will help in this situation. However, the color-changing LED light creates an amazing effect on the transparent canopy. Besides, because of the transparency, you would be able to see on top very easily. So, don’t be late to purchase this lightweight, transparent, color-changing Umbrella.

  • Anti-UV, windproof and rainproof function
  • Transparency increases your visibility
  • The round rope helps you to carry it
  • Strong pole

Can I Give a Lightsaber Umbrella as a Gift?

Yes, of course, you can present this Lightsaber Umbrella to a Star War fanboy, or you can also gift it to a person who doesn’t watch Star Wars! Because the amazing LED pole feature is very useful. It will help a person in many situations, and it is also very stylish. However, for a Star War fanboy, it will be the perfect gift. Caring for a cool umbrella with a favorite graphical character will be a good experience for a Star War fan. Besides, you’re loving one can use this Umbrella in every circumstance, and that will Definity satisfy you!

What Are the Suitable Occasions to Use a Lightsaber Umbrella?

On sunny days or rainy nights, you can use this Umbrella everywhere in your daily life. A light Lightsaber Umbrella is a moderate umbrella. It has an LED pole which helps you to walk at night. Besides, the Light feature also allows others to see your existence which keeps you safer. However, a LED Lightsaber Umbrella is also very useful in foggy weather. At last, in school, college or work, you can use it everywhere. And the cool outlook will make you the center of attraction!

How Much Does a Lightsaber Umbrellas Cost?

The cost of this Lightsaber Umbrella starts from $21.00 and ends up at $41.99. Again, you can purchase your favorite character Lightsaber Umbrella in the average price range of $30.00.


Willing to duel with Star Wars style? In this regard, you’ll need a lightsaber must. Now, thanks to the lightsaber umbrella, because you are getting your favorite character printed Umbrella with exciting features. And of course, the quality of all these umbrellas is up to the marks.