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Kids Umbrellas | 17 Best and Cute Kids Umbrellas (Girls and Boys)

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Umbrellas are hands down the go-to accessory when it comes to sun and rain protection. During the 1800s, umbrellas became highly commercialized products. At the same time, their enormous canopies (usually made from pongee or polyester) and industrial-grade shafts ( Generally made from a metal alloy) caused a massive surge in their usage as well as popularity. Thus, it began spreading far and wide while evolving into better versions of itself.

Since umbrellas were better than hats and other headgear, it became sensible to create a smaller version of an umbrella just for children. Hence, kids’ umbrellas came into being. Afterward, umbrella hats which were once considered to be mere ‘collector’s items,’ also grew in popularity and demand among children.
In this article, we will dig deeper into the topics of ‘why do kids need umbrellas?’ and ‘what kind of umbrellas would they prefer to use?’ We have also assembled an extensive list of umbrellas and umbrella hats for kids.

Why Does Your Kid Need An Umbrella?

Although they are life-giving elements, the sun and rain can pose serious health risks, especially for little children. Prolonged and continuous exposure to the blazing sun can result in sunburns, redness, irritation, and even blisters (in severe cases). While the rain usually causes illnesses like common cold and high fevers. So, how can we reduce this risk?

An umbrella is the best accessory for this job, primarily due to its superb capability of providing shade from both sun rays and the rain. Covering both you and your little one with a typical adult umbrella (40-inch diameter) might seem like a good idea at first. But as much as parents love to cuddle-up their kids under umbrellas, this can be pretty inconvenient and relatively not safe.

Assigning or giving them a separate little kids’ umbrella will be a good solution for this issue. In this way, kids can better cover themselves from the climatic changes, and it would be a good learning curve for them on how to use umbrellas.

What Kind Of Umbrellas Will Your Kid Like?

Kids usually love anything that looks ‘playful’ and ‘cool.’ They would decide whether something is good or bad solely by looking at its appearance (characteristics and color tones). Another aspect is that children also tend to prefer items/goods based around the fictional characters they love and admire, either from movies, books, or cartoons.

But children are still at their playful age and don’t know a lot about the world. But as parents and adults, it is our responsibility to educate them accordingly. And what better to teach kids than with practice.
Taking both ideologies and preferences into consideration, we have created a list rich with fine kids’ umbrellas. These umbrella hats are adorned with 3D pop-up animal characters, Disney princesses, etc., while also having solid and resilient rib-shaft frames that carry waterproof canopies, pleasing both the parents and kids.

17 Best kids umbrella

1. Foldable Hands-Free Umbrella Hat For Kids

This umbrella hat is made from high-quality PEVA material and has a poncho-style body covering to ensure that your kids get the highest possible cover from rain showers. The bright yellow tone has two purposes; it complements the adorable duck face on the umbrella hat and helps in road safety, making kids visible due to the vibrant color. While providing a good amount of protection, it also excels at being portable from its foldable design.

Things We Like

  • Covering is designed with comfortable and waterproof PEVA
  • Lightweight and foldable; making it packable with much ease
  • Small size; can give a snug fit for kids from 1-6 years old
  • Adorable yellow duck design on the top of the umbrella hat

2. Adjustable Rainbow Umbrella Hat Duo Set

Do you know what’s better than an adjustable rainbow umbrella hat? It’s two adjustable rainbow umbrella hats. That’s right, this set includes not one but two of the finest umbrella hats ever made. Nylon fabric is meticulously stitched to prevent any tearing and guarantees the best waterproofing qualities. The headband is thoroughly adjustable, while a quality runner is installed to open the umbrella hat quickly without any jamming.

Things We Like

  • The adjustable headband is solid and comfortable.
  • Two rainbow umbrella hats are available in one package
  • Higher level of water resistance due to the nylon canopy
  • Extraordinarily durable and feels lightweight on the head

3. Triple Rainbow-Colored Kids Umbrella Hat Set

Let’s kick things up a notch, shall we? This set will bestow a triad of umbrella hats for you to use at your disposal. All three of these umbrella hats are made of the same high-quality procedures and materials to ensure uniformity. They are also ornamented with vivid color palettes almost resembling a rainbow, hence the name. Another aspect they triumph at is delivering the best possible customizability by an elastic headband.

Things We Like

  • Fashionable style and keeps your hands free while using
  • Available in one size that can fit all (high adjustability)
  • Compact form factor (20-inch diameter can shrink to 12 inches)
  • The package includes three rainbow-color toned umbrella hats

4. Elastic And Adjustable Fun Style Umbrella Hat For Kids

The crowning jewel of this umbrella hat is its headband. An elastic tape is fitted with a secure latch-buckle system for acute and precise levels of adjusting. This allows the umbrella hat to be wearable by both kids and as well as adults. And since the elastic is resistant to stretching, it’ll always reform back to its original length. Of course, this kids’ umbrella hat has other features like a lightweight rib system and a waterproof canopy for more protection.

Things We Like

  • The elastic (PVC) headband will fit most head circumferences
  • Reflective oxford cloth makes the canopy resistant to UV rays
  • A practical and secure open-close mechanism on the umbrella hat
  • Suitable for hiking, gardening, fishing, cycling, and many more

5. Colorful And Waterproof Rainbow Kids Umbrella Hat

We passed single, dual, and even triple sets of umbrella hats, yet we still haven’t run out of tricks to surprise you. Introducing a quintuple set (a set of five) rainbow umbrella hats. Frankly, you can aptly call this set a ‘Family pack’ since it can provide umbrella hats to the whole family. Here, nylon cloth is used to grant the umbrella hat with good waterproofing and sunlight-reflecting capabilities.

Things We Like

  • The headband can adjust for both kids and adults perfectly
  • Superior water blocking coated canopy powered by nylon
  • Robust and durable mini-rib frame to hold the canopy
  • Quintuple (A set of five) rainbow umbrella hat package

6. Adorable Polyester Kids Umbrella With Printed Design

This umbrella might remind you of the famous “When dinosaurs ruled the Earth” line from ‘Jurassic Park.’ If your kid is an aspiring little paleontologist or adores dinosaurs, this umbrella will undoubtedly satisfy him/her. Kids can also engage in identifying their favorite dinosaur through many little dino-silhouettes printed in a high-quality format on the canopy. It also comprises a rigid rib frame supporting a polyester canopy, and the unit is completed with a wooden handle.

Things We Like

  • 100% polyester is used to make the canopy (resistant to tearing)
  • Appealing ‘dinosaur menagerie’ print on the canopy cover
  • The trigger for opening and closing is designed to be safe for kids
  • The handle is constructed with high quality and strong wood

7. Disney Princess Style Rain And Sun Protection Kids Umbrella

You can keep your little one safe and protected in the company of ‘Belle,’ ‘Ariel,’ and even ‘Cinderella’ by using this pretty kid’s umbrella. Its canopy is made of polyester and features three famous Disney princesses on a pink background. A heart shape is used for the handle with a carrying cord attached to it. The sharp or pointed edges (the tips of the umbrella’s ribs and ferrule) are covered with plastic caps to increase kids’ safety.

Things We Like

  • The tips of the metal ribs are capped with plastic knobs for safety
  • Nylon carrying cord and secure Velcro strap for easy folding
  • Charming demeanor with three famous Disney princesses
  • Customized heart-shaped handle design for better grip and looks

8. Umbrella With A 3D Pop Up Shark For Little Kids

Kids have a simple set of requirements when choosing some item; ‘does the item look cool?’, ‘does it have cool features?’ If ‘yes’ is the answer to those questions, they would want it. But you, as a parent, will ask for more protection and coverage for an umbrella. If so, check out this kids’ umbrella; it has a shark with 3D fins and tail on the umbrella (cool feature: check) while also having a water-resistant canopy and a robust shaft-ribs frame with kids-safe handling (good protection: check)

Things We Like

  • Best water-resistant and reflective material used in canopy
  • Spacious and anti-slip ‘J’ shaped handle on fit on kids’ hands
  • The top of the umbrella is adorned with a 3D shark design
  • Effortless and straightforward mechanism to open and close

9. Kids’ Umbrella And Rainwear Set With ‘Frozen Characters

The Snow Queen, Elsa herself, appears on this beautiful alongside her sister, Anna, and Olaf, the snowman. This fact alone will make kids adore this umbrella, but wait, there’s more. This umbrella is paired with a matching slicker made out of vinyl to make the ‘Frozen’ rainwear set. Therefore, kids can stay protected wrapped in a premium-quality, soft raincoat while also having a good umbrella over their little heads.

Things We Like

  • The set includes a soft kid’s slicker and a splendid umbrella
  • Umbrella and slicker are made of polyester and vinyl, respectively
  • Fitted with a custom handle, Velcro strap, and a cord for carrying
  • The durable canopy is decorated with ‘Elsa,’ ‘Anna,’ and ‘Olaf.’

10. Ocean-Themed Child Sized Mermaid Umbrella

Kids love mythical characters who have larger-than-life characteristics and appearances. Mermaids are such mythical beings who have managed to acquire the hearts and love of children worldwide. This umbrella is decorated with a lovely print of a mermaid accompanied by fishes where her tail fins are made in a 3D pop-up design. While having a cute style, the plastic handle gives a good grip due to its uniquely grooved shape.

Things We Like

  • 3D pop-up mermaid design on the umbrella’s canopy
  • Kids-safe umbrella tip and ferrule (covered with plastic)
  • Perfect canopy size to protect your little ones from the rain
  • Unique and stylish handle molded in the shape of a seahorse

11. One-Sized Rainbow Unicorn Printed Kids Umbrellas

This umbrella features a pack of ethereal unicorns with gorgeous rainbow-colored hair on its canopy. As for the structural design, authentic, high-quality wood is used for the umbrella’s ferrule and handle for sturdy gripping. The canopy is constructed with 100% polyester, while the shaft and rib system is forged with a strong metal alloy. To secure the ribs tightly on the canopy, they are wrapped in sheaths of fabric before sewing.

Things We Like

  • The umbrella has a canopy that is 28 inches in diameter
  • Super sturdy rib system and shaft to provide rigidity
  • It contains a unicorn-themed pink color canopy style
  • The ferrule and the handle is made of wooden for elegance

12. Perfect Green Frog Style Umbrella For Children

Children’s safety is this umbrella’s main priority, and therefore, it is loaded with different features to fulfill its target. The canopy layer is guaranteed to provide an ample amount of coverage to children from sun and rain. Its shaft is designed to be entirely kids-proof in which; the open-close mechanism is simple and doesn’t contain buttons where kids can pinch or hurt their little fingers. This umbrella is made more attractive by a canopy that is covered in a playful 3D frog design.

Things We Like

  • Innovative and lovable frog-themed canopy fashion style
  • The handle, tips, and ferrule are colored to match the canopy
  • No buttons and sharp edges are included in the central shaft
  • Water-resistant deluxe quality 100% polyester is used

13. Lovely Smiling Bear Umbrella With Sun Protection

Pop-up styles that provide a 3D feel are admired by little children, notably because they are responsive and interactive. A bear face with little flapping ears decorates the canopy of this kids’ umbrella. It is fabricated using premium class polyester with good fade-resistant print to ensure excellent waterproofing. The pointy edges of the umbrella are covered up as well to avoid children from injuring themselves.

Things We Like

  • Big canopy size, yet very portable and compact umbrella
  • The overall height and weight are designed to be manageable by kids
  • Comprises a bear design on the canopy with flapping little (3D) ears
  • It keeps kids dry on wet days and off the harsh sun on sunny days

14. Sky Themed Rainbow-Clouds Bubble Umbrella For Kids

We have included a bubble umbrella for a bit of change of pace. Bubble umbrellas are specialized in providing good coverage, mainly from the rain. This is done from their clear canopy, which has a larger arch (curve) than a typical umbrella. It allows kids to engulf their heads under the giant canopy completely. Now, when a canopy fabric covers the whole head, it can obstruct the view in front; but here, the transparent pongee fabric comes into play to provide a clear line of sight.

Things We Like

  • Windproof and unbendable metal rib frame supports the canopy
  • The canopy is made from transparent pongee for good visibility
  • Its canopy is decorated with a rainbow and cloud pattern
  • Manual open-close release and plastic handle (safer for kids)

15. Noble Dragon-Knight Kids Umbrella With Dragon Wings

Here’s a splendid piece of armor to protect the little gentle warrior from the dangers that the sun and the rain. Becoming a knight is a dream of most children and even of adults when they were kids. This dragon-knight umbrella is made to elevate your little one’s looks to that of a knight while providing good coverage in the meantime. The handle is forged in the shape of a sword’s hilt, whereas the canopy has a dragon print with pop-up wings.

Things We Like

  • Fabricated from waterproof, lightweight, and child-safe nylon
  • The structural integrity is strong enough to withstand high winds
  • 3D dragon with wings on the canopy with a sword-like handle
  • Quick storage and easy packing are possible due to a Velcro strap

16. Children’s Umbrella Decorated With Fire Truck Design

Polyester pongee is one of the best water-resistant materials which is used to make umbrella canopies. The rainwater on the canopy will slide away without making your kid get wet in downpours. Its strong shaft provides good agility and strength to hold the canopy and rib system without collapsing in on itself. Plastic knobs are used to cover the pointy protrusions of the rib frame (tips and ferrule). And to top it off, a busy fire truck design is printed on the canopy.

Things We Like

  • The umbrella is simple and lightweight for kids’ convenience
  • It is adorned with a canopy having a gorgeous red truck design
  • Well-built rib frame is fitted to a rugged metal shaft with a ‘J’ handle
  • 100% polyester pongee is used in the production of the canopy

17. Star Wars Themed Kids’ Red Umbrella With Character Handle

Kylo Ren carries a crossguard lightsaber for his defense; likewise, we would suggest arming your little one with this ‘Star Wars’ themed polyester umbrella for their defense against the weather. Its handle is made in Kylo Ren’s shape with his titular costume for added novelty and uniqueness. A kids-safe runner is installed on the shaft along with plastic covers to mitigate the risks of injuries. Adorn your little stormtrooper in this adorable (yet fiery) umbrella and, as usual, “May the force be with you!”

Things We Like

  • The handle is made in the custom shape of “Kylo-Ren.”
  • A pitch-proof runner is attached for the safety of the children
  • Alloy steel which is resistant to rusting, makes up the shaft
  • The waterproof material is used to make the 32-inch diameter canopy

How Much Does A Kids Umbrella Cost?

Did you enjoy the vast index of umbrellas we had listed above? Maybe a product or two caught your attention, and now you are looking for the last piece of the puzzle to give the green light for your decision. Fear not shoppers, for these kids’ umbrellas and umbrella hats are relatively inexpensive despite the novel features, themes, and eye-catching color tones.

You most assuredly will be able to find a good umbrella that suits your requirement just under $20. The standard range of these products revolves around $6.99 and $20. And the good news is that they are evenly distributed throughout the range, thereby allowing you perfect land your choice matching the price and features together

Summarized Thoughts

To summarize, parents always care for their children’s well-being, rain or shine, day or night. An umbrella is a great accessory to stay protected from the sudden climatic changes that can occur. Therefore, why not buy a kid-sized umbrella or an umbrella hat to safeguard your little one as well?

The product list we have laid out just for your convenience is packed with various splendid kids’ umbrellas and umbrella hats. Some are adorned with 3D animal designs with bears, unicorns, and even dragons. Some feature popular characters like Disney princesses and Star Wars characters; therefore, numerous options are available for your kids to select. But one thing is common in all of them; an umbrella with a rigid shaft and a water/sunproof canopy cover.

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