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We all know how important an umbrella is in our daily life. It is more important for children as they can be saved from rainwater and harmful sunrays. That’s why parents choose an umbrella as a useful and fashionable gift. Besides, it would be nice if your child gets a colorful umbrella with an amazing design. So, many parents prefer colorful bubble umbrellas as a gift for their children due to their awesome look with simple style. We have brought some quite fashionable and demandable kids’ bubble umbrellas for your convenience.

Why Will Your Kid Love Bubble Umbrellas?

Kids easily get attracted by colorful and cute designs. They also love simplicity. They show a lot of interest in beautiful and fashionable things. Bubble umbrellas look very cool and quite fashionable. These umbrellas also look cute, like your adorable child. That’s why they love to have bubble umbrellas.

Why Is It Important for Your Kid to Have an Umbrella?

A child’s safety is more important to parents than any other matter, and in our daily life, an umbrella is a very necessary tool. It is more important for children as they have to go to school and also other places. An umbrella can save children from both rainwater and harmful sun rays. Thus, it can save a kid from falling into diseases like colds, fever, etc.

15 Stylish Bubble Umbrellas for Kids

1. Totes Clear Kids Bubble Umbrella

Does your child like a transparent umbrella? Here is a transparent umbrella with a multi-colored polka dots pattern only for your child. This clear umbrella with a 51-inch canopy would protect your child from both rain and wind. If we say about its durability, it has a steel shaft with a classically designed handle and a clear waterproof canopy using a synthetic material. Besides, your child would be able to easily take this umbrella with him/her in any place or occasion. The amazing thing is your child can see through the canopy and enjoy the rain. So, you can choose this for your little one as a gift.

Things We Like

  • Clear Stylish Canopy
  • Durable Construction
  • Synthetic Material

2. Stylish Kids Dome Umbrella

Are you looking for a stylish and multi-colorfully designed umbrella for your child? Then we have this perfect one that would make your child excited. This awesome umbrella is dome-shaped that will keep your child fully dry while it will be raining. Besides, the umbrella has a very easy-grip handle so that your adorable child can use this umbrella with his/her cute small hands. Moreover, this kids dome umbrella is fitted with a pinch-proof opening and closing system. You need not worry about its durability as it is made of 100% POE and wipes clean fabric. Overall, it would be a wise step to grab this kids dome umbrella as a stylish gift for your loving one.

Things We Like

  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Wipe Clean Fabric
  • Stylish and Colorful Look

3. Totes Multi-colored Kids Dome Umbrella

What do you think about a lightweight umbrella with an easy handling system? Wouldn’t it be useful and suitable for a child? Here, we have this umbrella with necessary benefits only for your loving child. First of all, it is light in weight. So, your child would be able to carry it easily everywhere. Besides, it has a steel shaft and curved plastic handle that would be perfect for toddlers and big kids. The bubble canopy is 38-inches, and when the umbrella is closed, the canopy stands 26-inches. Moreover, the pinch-proof closure and rounded tips system would keep your kid’s little hands safe.

Things We Like

  • Windproof and Rainproof
  • Lightweight and Easy to Grip
  • Pinch-Proof Closure

4. Totes Dots Kids Dome Umbrella

We have brought another dome umbrella of totes brand only for your loving child. With a polka dots pattern, the umbrella looks very amazing and stylish. It has a clear waterproof canopy through which one can enjoy raindrops and other scenes. Its 51-inch canopy will protect your kid from both rain and wind. Besides, it is lightweight due to its aluminum shaft with an acrylic matte silver finish handle. Moreover, its polyester fabric with a strong structure will ensure you about its long durability. So, hurry up and get this awesome kids dome umbrella and surprise your little one.

Things We Like

  • Polyester Material
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Silver Finish Handle

5. Rainbrella Kids Dome Umbrella

We know your adorable little girl loves surprise gifts, and therefore we brought you a beautiful rainbow-printed umbrella. Amazing cloud rainbow print with transparent canopy brings in a gorgeous look to this umbrella. You need not worry about the built quality at all as it is made of fine quality pongee material that also feels almost weightless while carrying. Stainless steel ribs and hook handle is provided for hassle-free opening and closing. This kids dome umbrella would be perfect for carrying in almost any occasion and keeps your child safe but let him/her feel the raindrops closer than ever!

Things We Like

  • Safety Manual Open & Close
  • Lightweight
  • Pongee Material

6. HAOCOO Bubble Kids Dome Umbrella

Let’s check another kids dome umbrella that you can choose for your child. This Haocoo branded amazing umbrella is supported by eight fiberglass umbrella ribs that are wind resistant. For this system, the umbrella is strong enough to endure the wind. Besides, your child can go to any place carrying this umbrella. Your kid will like this transparent umbrella as they will be able to see the surroundings. The durability of this umbrella would satisfy you. Moreover, the umbrella is designed with a cute bubble, dome shape canopy, and plastic J-shaped handle.

Things We Like

  • Transparent Bubble Dome Shape
  • Automatic Opening System Pressing a Button
  • Fiberglass Ribs

7. Totes PVC Clear Bubble Umbrella

Are you looking for a vinyl umbrella suitable only for your kids? We have this cute, designed, durable umbrella in our collection. It has a big dome-shaped canopy that is transparent and designed with multi-colored bubble-like dots. PVC material is used in this umbrella. Now your child would be safe from rain and stay dry at any place. Besides, this useful umbrella has a pinch-proof design with covered tips for your child’s safety. Moreover, it features silver trimming and a matching hook handle. This kids bubble umbrella would be a remarkable choice as a gift for your adorable child.

Things We Like

  • Waterproof PVC Material
  • Pinch-Proof Runner with Covered Safety
  • Cute Designed Transparent Canopy

8. SMATI Fashionable Kids Dome Umbrella

Are you searching for a cool birthday gift for your cute little adorable kid? Then, we suggest you take a look at this adorable umbrella. Sky blue color and a sweet penguin print design will make your kid the center of attraction while carrying this umbrella. Not to mention, the built quality of this umbrella is top-notch as it features sturdy stainless steel ribs and a POE plastic handle. This umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere your child goes. It is easy to open and close and can withstand rough wind easily. All these features make this kids dome umbrella an amazing choice for your child.

Things We Like

  • A POE Plastic Handle
  • Stainless Steel Ribs
  • Fluorescent Border

9. Waterproof Mickey Mouse Kids Dome Umbrella

Here is a beautiful umbrella perfect for your adorable little kid’s birthday gift. This unisex umbrella features a Mickey Mouse print with an attractive color combination. Its dome-shaped canopy is wide enough to cover your kid with his or her school bags. Lightweight POE material makes the umbrella durable and easy to carry anywhere, any place. The hooked handle and the weightless shaft help to open and close it with ease. These features make the umbrella easy to carry and perfect for your kid’s school or traveling.

Things We Like

  • Wide Canopy
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Lightweight Material

10. Mickey Racer Kids Dome Umbrella

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? As Mickey Mouse cartoon is one of the most favorite cartoons among kids, Mickey Mouse products have a very big demand as a gift for kids. In our collection, here is another Mickey Mouse printed umbrella that you can choose for your adorable one. This dome-shaped umbrella would protect your child from raindrops and sun rays. With a multi-colored print, the umbrella looks very stylish. Besides, your child will be able to handle this kid’s dome umbrella easily. It is very durable too. Considering all its features, this awesome umbrella would be a remarkable birthday gift for your offspring.

Things We Like

  • Easy Handling
  • Durable Structure
  • Cool Design

11. Transparent Gorgeous Kids Umbrella

Are you looking for something unique and gorgeous at the same time? Here we have the perfect umbrella for you. This beautiful bubble printed clear umbrella by Kung Fu Smith features enough coverage for your kid’s head, shoulder, and backpack when it is raining. Its fiberglass ribs and anti-rust central pole make it strong enough to withstand wind gusts. A safe protective button provides better protection to your finger and easy to open manually. This umbrella would be a remarkable choice for any child and can be an awesome birthday gift.

Things We Like

  • Wind Resistance Construction
  • Safe Pinch-Proof Manual-Open
  • Colorful Design

12. Clear Canopy Kids Bubble Umbrella

Let’s check out this completely different-looking and stylish clear umbrella. Carrying this umbrella will make your adorable daughter the center of the attraction around her. And why won’t? Romantic flower and bubble pattern with transparent canopy will make your child feel the raindrop closely. Premium POE material, aluminum central rob, and fiberglass ribs perfectly keep you safe from raindrops. Unique designed gradient j-handle is sturdy and provides a comfortable grip. Now, grab this elegant-looking clear umbrella quickly before the stock is out.

Things We Like

  • Gradient J-Handle
  • Windproof Material
  • Lightweight Structure

13. Cherry Blossoms Kids Dome Umbrella

Selecting the perfect umbrella with a gorgeous, eye-catching design and super built quality that goes with any occasion is extremely tough, isn’t it? Not at all, as we present an amazing, transparent dome umbrella by SUN-GOD that surely can meet all your requirements. A transparent bubble print design goes with any outfit and allows your child to feel the raindrops much closer. The fiberglass ribs are strong enough to withstand winds and heavy rainfall. Its automatic open functionality allows easy and safe one-handed operation, which is convenient for your kids. So what’s stopping you from checking out this gorgeous kids dome umbrella!

Things We Like

  • Fiberglass Frame
  • Easy Auto-Open Feature
  • Gorgeous Look

14. Shopkins Kids Bubble Umbrella

If your child most pink color, then you can check this pink-colored designed umbrella. It has a very amazing and stylish design suitable for children, especially for girls. Besides its cool design, it is almost transparent. So, your child can also enjoy the rainy scene through an umbrella. Moreover, it has an easy-grip handle system for your child’s convenience. PVC material has made this umbrella quite durable and sturdy. With pinch proof opening and closing system, this lovely kid’s bubble umbrella would be the perfect one as a gift.

Things We Like

  • Sturdy PVC Material
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Lovely Pinkish Design

15. Baby Shark Transparent Kids Bubble Umbrella

Your offspring would love this cute baby shark-printed umbrella that we have brought only for your convenience. This umbrella is made of transparent and durable fabric and has a bluish design with printed pictures of baby shark that has made the umbrella more cute and demandable to kids. This is a stick-type umbrella. Your offspring can easily carry and use this fashionable umbrella very comfortably. So, what do you think about this kid’s bubble umbrella? Now, hurry up and grab this gorgeous one as a gift and make your child happy.

Things We Like

  • Cute Fashionable Look
  • Transparent
  • Comfortable Handling

Is It Good to Give a Bubble Umbrella as a Gift?

An umbrella is a very wise choice as a gift for children because it is a useful tool in daily life. A bubble umbrella looks very cute and adorable. That’s why kids love to have this kind of umbrella. In our collection, you will find fine-quality umbrellas that are durable and have an easy handling system for children. So, you can choose one for your adorable kid without any hesitation.

How Much Does a Kids Bubble Umbrella Cost?

The cost of a gorgeous bubble umbrella is budget-friendly. If you want to buy any of these umbrellas described above, you would get within 30 US dollars. If you want one at a low cost, then you would easily get within 20 US dollars.

Final Thoughts

As a gift for children, a fashionable and gorgeous umbrella with useful features is a remarkable choice. In our collection, we have tried to show some best quality umbrellas. We have also considered the price of an umbrella so that any parents can afford to buy one for their loving offspring. Therefore, you can choose one bubble or dome umbrella wisely from this list.