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Rainy days are troublesome, going to school and working is not so pleasant at this time, and holding wet umbrellas become so uncomfortable! A reverse umbrella was created in response to this to remove your such problem and make your rainy season an enjoyable one. As its name suggests, while the inverted umbrellas work like regular umbrellas, the distinction lies in the fact that they can also be opened in the opposite direction. Nowadays, the market is packed with different kinds of reverse umbrellas. But all of them are not up to the mark. That’s why we picked some great quality inverted Umbrella in this article. You can grab any of the inverted umbrellas according to your choice and taste.

What is the Purpose of an Inverted Umbrella?

One unfortunate side effect that normal traditional umbrellas have is that they frequently wet our clothes and other stuff after they are closed and kept inside the bag. That’s why this revolutionary Umbrella is designed for reverse folding so that the dry inner side of the Umbrella can be placed outside. This is the main purpose of an inverted umbrella that will keep your things from getting wet.

20 Best Inverted Umbrellas

1. Classy Black Inverted Folding Umbrella

This unique reversible, windproof frame folding Umbrella helps you to enter cars and other tight spaces very easily. Besides, the inwards inverted frame soaked-rain inside and save your clothes. Moreover, the top layer of this classy Umbrella is protected by Teflon, and that waterproof coating gives you a better rainy-day experience. Fiberglass ribs of this inverted Umbrella also offer you wind resistance technology, as well as a handy feeling. In short, this upside-down Umbrella is useable in every dry or damp weather.

Things We Like:

  • 8-Double layer ribs of fiberglass
  • Safe standings protect from dirty floors
  • 48″ Large coverage area

2. HOSA Reflective Strips Windproof Umbrella

Unique design with multi-benefits is the main attraction of this double-layer inverted Umbrella. The Reflective Strip Design layout is very useful when you are a working person, and you have to stay out at night. However, this multicolored Umbrella gets noticeable crossing the streets at night. Besides, high-quality fabric provides you a UV and Water protection outdoors. While you will have to hold your mobile phone and bags on rainy days, the large handle of this product will help you to carry all things together.

Things We Like:

  • C Handle ensures a better multitasking experience
  •  One push auto-open feature
  •  UV Protection and 270T Water Repellent
  • Eight small plastic balls help to stand anywhere

3. Totes Umbrella Push-Button Close Umbrella

Here innovation met style! This upside-down Umbrella is designed very unique and also very stylish. Besides, the auto-folding feature allows you to close the Umbrella in less than a second and also helps you to stay on the dry side. The under-canopy print is very classy to make your face smiling on dreary days. This double-layer versatile canopy umbrella covers the space of 47 inches when it is fully open and 31 inches when closed. Therefore, after using this inverted Umbrella, it can stand very smartly, and that can be a reason for you to choose this skillfully built Umbrella.

Things We Like:

  • Functional and fashionable
  • Trendy under canopy shades and prints
  • It has one close push system
  • Can stand by its own

4. Better Brella Double-Layer Canopy Umbrella

This inverted Umbrella is very wide, and that will help to keep you dry. Besides, the deep blue color of the Canopy will look different if you carry the Umbrella with you, and it is also sunlight UV protected. However, the handle and ribs of this Umbrella are very strong and smooth. Grips are also very comfortable. This classy Umbrella with unique functionality and feature is perfect for general usages, and choosing this Umbrella will be beneficial for you.

Things We Like:

  • Double layer canopy embedded with metal red
  • The handle is soft and gentle in texture
  • The extra-wide Canopy of 32 inches and 41.5 inches

5. C-Shaped Handle Upside Down Umbrella

If you are searching for a lightweight umbrella with the best durability, then it can be the best choice for you. This reversible Umbrella has a fiberglass frame that doesn’t warn or crack. Besides, it is not easy to damage during weather events because of its electroplated steel shaft, and maintenance of the fiberglass frame is also very easy.  However, C shaped handle gives you extra comfortability and allows you to use both of your hands. In short, you will simply fall in love with the elegant look and multi-functionality of this inverted Umbrella!

Things We Like:

  • Classy and premium outlook
  • C shaped handle gives you extra comfortability
  • 210T water repellent fabric
  • Best quality fiberglass ribs and electroplated steel shaft

6. Anti-UV Straight Windproof Umbrella

This unique Umbrella has a double layer system inside, which helps to pass windings very smoothly on rainy days. Besides, the unique architectural design on the top layer will make you the center of attraction. However, an easy-open or closing system and C-shaped handle make it more comfortable and bring versatility on ways so that you do not get tired holding the Umbrella. This upside-down Umbrella will also protect you from sun rays and provides you a cheerful day experience!

Things We Like:

  • Windproof reverse system
  • Enough large to shelter two persons
  • Made with high-quality carbon fiber
  • The diverse pattern outlook design

7. Sunflower Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

This sunflower print Inverted Umbrella will make your summer season more comfortable. For its floral decorations, it makes it more charming and attractive to use. This Umbrella has multiple colors, and you can purchase it according to your color preferences. Its folding features help you to open and close the Umbrella easily. Again, this Umbrella comes with UV blocking features.

Things We Like:

  • C-shaped double layer umbrella
  • Windproof and UV blocking features
  • Reversible Floral Print Umbrella

8. Butterfly Print Upside Down Umbrella

This durable, windproof Umbrella has advanced digital printing all over it. And it has a rubber C- shaped handle. For its durable, breathable double-layer canopy, it can stand against a strong wind. The Umbrella also has a high-quality stainless-steel frame. For its reverse design umbrella concept, you can open and close the Umbrella. When you close the Umbrella, the wet side of the Umbrella comes inside; as a result, it will not wet your bag, clothes, car, etc.

Things We Like:

  • Double layer Canopy
  • C shaped free grip frosted handle
  • Waterproof pongee fabric

9. New York City Inverted Umbrella

Looking at this Umbrella, you will remember about the Manhattan City of NYC. So using this Umbrella will be fun and enjoyable. Everyone will appreciate your choice and taste as it is a fashionable Umbrella. This Umbrella is large and is strong and durable. The handle is quite sturdy, and the quality of the Canopy is excellent. It can be a surprise gift for your family, friends, and kids.

Things We Like:

  • UV blocking features
  • Easy open and close function
  • Windproof, C handle reverse Umbrella

10. Inverted Umbrella with Reflective Strips

This amazing Umbrella can automatically open by pressing the push button. It is a large size umbrella and perfect for two people. The Umbrella has a sturdy construction, and the Canopy is made of a double layer. For its strong and durable features, it can withstand all weather. The fabric is made of high-quality fabric and provides UV-resistant features. This Umbrella is perfect for camping, walking, traveling, etc.

Things We Like:

  • Reinforced fiberglass strips are hardy and durable.
  • The Umbrella opens at a 48-inch arc curve.
  • The Umbrella has fluorine water repellent and UV resistant features

11. Reverse Umbrella with 0″ Light Transmittance

Looking for an anti-ultraviolet fabric inverted Umbrella, then grab this amazing Umbrella. This Umbrella will not only protect you from UV rays but also prevent you from unwanted rain. Its zero light transmittance prevents you from damaging your skin from harmful Ultra Violet rays. For its C-shaped handle, it becomes possible for holding your Umbrella even though you are carrying heavy stuff in your hand. Its reversible design prevents from water dripping.

Things We Like:

  • Durable Black electric ribs
  • Windproof features, long durability
  • Made of pongee cloth and easily portable

12. Camouflage Print Inverted Umbrella

This Camouflage Inverted Umbrella is perfect for two people and will make your both summer and winter season more comfortable. It is manufactured for providing durability, utmost comfort, and versatility. You can open and close the Umbrella in the crowd without hurting anyone. For its wonderful to look at, it is the perfect gift for your close friends, parents, and kids. It is the perfect Umbrella for you to save yourself from adverse weather like storms, heavy wind, and also from harmful Ultra Violet rays.

Things We Like:

  • Cross C shaped handle design
  • Anti UV, waterproof and windproof features
  • It can be opened and closed in a confined space

13. Double Protection Automatic Inverted Umbrella

This Inverted Umbrella is made of high-quality pongee fabric. It can be a creative gift for your kids, and your kids will love this amazing Umbrella. It is an automatic umbrella that supports one-hand operation. You just simply need to press the button to open the Umbrella. Further, this Umbrella supports an inside design that helps you to get into or out of a car without any difficulties. There are small holes in the inner layer of the Umbrella that enhance the wind resistance effect.

Things We Like:

  • Ergonomic C shaped Handle
  • Rib material is made of carbon fiber
  • Double layer for blocking UV rays

14. Inverted Vintage Golf Umbrella

Looking for an anti-windproof reverse golf umbrella? This Umbrella will satisfy your demand indeed. It is a large size umbrella that is constructed with durable waterproof fabric cloth. Being manufactured with a hexagonal iron frame, this Umbrella is strong and sturdy. Again, the Umbrella comes with features of easy opening and closing. It has a double-layer Canopy that will give protection from strong wind and rain. The Canopy will not get fade as it comes with the features of anti-fading.

Things We Like:

  • 31.5 inches in length,43.3 inches in diameter
  • Eight fiberglass ribs
  • Waterproof, Anti fading, windproof features

15. Embedded Button Kid’s Inverted Umbrella

This Inverted Umbrella size is perfect for your precious kids, and they will love to use this Umbrella during rainy and sunny days. This Umbrella is manufactured with a reverse-opening and folding design. Your kid can manually open the Umbrella by pressing the embedded button. Further, your kids will not face any inconveniences while opening and closing the Umbrella in a small confined space. This Umbrella is manufactured with double-layer fabric that avoids drip permeation.

Things We Like:

  • It keeps the wet part inside while closing the Umbrella
  • Consist of the features of UV protection, strong windproof effect
  • Portable and lightweight

16. Pink Polka Dot Inverted Umbrella

Looking at this Umbrella, you will fall for it. This Umbrella is quite different from others because on the outer side of the Canopy is black color, and inside of it is a pink Polka dot. It is a reversible umbrella with windproof features. Its structural design is strong and sturdy. Being a different pattern umbrella, it will look elegant and stunning during rainy days. It’s C-shaped handle easily slides into your wrist. For its wonderful look, everyone will appreciate your fashion taste and choice.

Things We Like:

  •  Features of special reverse folding design
  • Double-layer Inverted Umbrella
  • Easy open and close features

17. Carbon fiber Inverted Umbrella

This Inverted Umbrella has black coverage in the outer part of the Canopy and the flower print; there is a multicolor ball print. When you open the Umbrella, for all over ball print in the lower portion of Canopy, the Umbrella will look gorgeous. This Umbrella is quite strong and durable than another umbrella because it is manufactured with high-quality carbon fiber. The Umbrella comes with a C handle that allows you to hold the Umbrella comfortably in any situation. It is a windproof umbrella that can stand against any strong wind speeds at 60 miles per hour.

Things We Like:

  • Double layer Canopy to withstand strong wind
  • Designed with wind and corrosion resistance
  • Portable, lightweight, and dry quickly

18. Reverse Umbrella with J Hook Handle

This bicolor Umbrella is simply different from another umbrella for it’s a bi-color attractive combination. This Umbrella is stylish, and you will fall for it looking for the first time. Moreover, this Umbrella comes in a unique pattern, and it is manufactured with a double-layer Canopy. This Umbrella gets quickly dry as it is constructed with features of nano fast dry coating. So, on heavy rainy days, you don’t need to worry about getting wet due to the drenched Umbrella. Hence, for all these features, it will be the best give for your friends and kids.

Things We Like:

  • The full fiberglass structure makes the Umbrella more strong.
  • Easy to hang for J Hook Handle
  • Unique auto-closing features help to close the Umbrella without any hindrance

19. Red White Arc Inverted Umbrella

Looking for a fashionable Umbrella for surprising your kids on their birthday, Christmas day? Then grab this beautiful red and white color inverted Umbrella. This Umbrella comes in a 48-inch arc that covers maximum space. Its auto-closing feature will keep you dry while closing it. So your kid will not face difficulties while opening and closing the Umbrella. And as a parent, you don’t need to worry about your kid about unwanted rain as they can open the Umbrella in small places too. It is a strong umbrella that can withstand any adverse weather.

Things We Like:

  • Black rubber grip handle
  • Automatic close Inverted Umbrella
  • Canopy is manufactured with Polyester pongee fabric.

20. Drip Free Transparent Inverted Umbrella

With this transparent Umbrella, you can see outside adverse environments, and you can overcome unwanted minor accidents. This Umbrella is made of a durable double-layer Canopy that eliminates water from dripping. So, it will keep you dry and will not wet your car. Its C-shaped handle is good for phone users. Its double-layer Canopy makes the Umbrella sturdier. This Umbrella is a necessary tool for your car.

Things We Like:

  • Cross C shaped handle
  • Windproof double layer fabric
  • Easy closing features

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Inverted Umbrellas?

The advantage of an inverted Umbrella is that it doesn’t take more space while opening and closing it. Therefore, if you are in the car and suddenly rain occurs, then you can manage to open the Umbrella in the narrow car door. As a result, you will not get drenched in the rain. Coupled with the petal-like opening and closing, the waterproof fabric of the inverted umbrellas ensures that the rainwater stays inside the Umbrella. So, it will not wet your outside belongings. The cons of inverted Umbrella are that generally focus on style than quality sometimes. You may face portability issues, and the cost is also high sometimes. But if you compare the pros and cons, you will understand that an inverted Umbrella will give you more benefits.

How Much Does an Inverted Umbrella Cost?

The price of an inverted Umbrella starts from $13 and ends at $30. You can also buy your favorite inverted Umbrella within the average price range of $25.

Final Thoughts

With this Inverted Umbrella, your rainy season will become a more enjoyable one. Further, you don’t have to worry about opening and closing the Umbrella in a public place as it will not hurt anyone. Again, you can open the Umbrella in short spaces too. So, don’t delay anymore and grab your favorite inverted Umbrella outlined in this article.